Monday, March 05, 2007

HAHA! I gave my 360 Life!!!

I just gave my Xbox 360 a voice!!

It'll take a couple of days for it to show up, but check out my Xbox 360's blog about me!! :)) :)) :))


Pirate Shelba said...

Bubby it doesn't seem to be working. :-(

Kamui said...

That's why I said it will take a couple of days for it to show up :p

My Xbox needs time to witness my activities :-|

Creepy, huh? :p

Pirate Shelba said...

oh I see! I just got so excited, I must have skipped over that part. lol! Anywho that is creepy! <3 U!

Pirate Shelba said...

hey bubby I checked out your xbox bloggy thing, that is indeed pretty neat. love you! Get online sometime. <3

Bakes said...

OMG I'm lucky if I get ONE total day of gaming in,must be nice to have time to dick around for 4 days. lol