Tuesday, February 19, 2008

K-Fill moves into the 21st Century! Huzzah!

Today I went to Port Allegheney to learn how to use a push button register and electronic pumps..

Tomorrow I'm goin' back for more o' the same..

I thought for sure I would hate it but it's really cool :)

I went to train because in about a month Coudersport Kwik Fill will finally get rid of the 1969 pumps and step in with the rest of civilization.

4:11 A.M.

I feel oppressive...

What is it I want?

I try to enjoy life, but I destroy others. I feel unfit for the challenges of this world...

Every time I think I know what I want, I discover it's fleeting joy, all too soon I waste my time on things that hold no importance to me... I have no idea what it is I want from this life; love? joy? children?

I live vicariously through the happiness I see in the world, yet I feel as though my eyes are not mine. I live like a robot, pumping through the everyday to get somewhere that does not exist.

I have fear, love, kindness, and joy.... Why is it insufficient? Why do I feel as though it is not enough? Am I greedy?

I don't think so...

I'm just SO damn uncertain about my goals...

I just want to be happy, why am I made to feel so worthless everyday? Nothing I do is ever good enough.

I'm probably being too hard on myself, but I can't shake the feeling of death, it consumes my thoughts EVERY day.. It's making me loose focus of what I need to do NOW!

a) Take care of myself: mind and body

b) Find what makes ME happy, and work to acheive MY goals

c) Think of something new to think about

d) Do whatever I can to feel like I deserve someone as wonderful as Naya

e) Be a better Brian....

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Waiting and working...

Waiting and working...

Waiting and wo... HU-YHAK-AH-SHA!!

--The day is coming--

-Fuckin' 'Ell I can't wait!


Saturday, February 16, 2008


So, for those that don't know or those who stay inside a lot..


Fuckin' pumpin' gasoline makes my nuts shrivel!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Calibrate your dumb ass!

Something else that gets to me:

[-=Commence mindless rant=-]

People; about 97.3% of them as a matter of me guessing how many dumb fucks do this:

The majority of the population out there who buy all this incredibly expensive CRAP! The ones who live by the creed "bigger is better!", such as the ones who buy the BIGGEST god-damn TV they can afford and plop it in a 1000 cubic foot room and sit 4 feet from the damn thing.

Let me paint a senario for ya:

Some dick-wrangler decides he wants to be the kewlest (read, biggest dumb fuck) on his block! So, what does he do? He saves up his hard earned pennies, the goes to wal-mart, buys the BIGGEST rear projection HDTV he can for what seems like a wonderful price!

Then the dip-shit takes it home, hooks it up to his SDTV cable line and use all coaxial or composite connections to hook it up and leaves the factory calibration the way it is and proceeds to brag to all his friends and family how awesome (read, how dumb fuckish) he is!

Now, normally this wouldn't be so much of a problem for ME, because it's not my problem...

Trouble is, it IS my problem when such people tell me how they have an awesome TV and my AVIA calibrated 32" LCD HDTV is too small and looks bad to them.

It is also my problem when, I've assumed, 97.3% of the population make up these dumb fucks, thusly forcing TV makers to adjust their criteria based on these cum-guzzlers!

[-=Ceasing mindless rant=-]

Just thought I'd share..

Wise the FUCK UP!!

Still goin' okies for meh!

I just got me a $0.25/hr raise at the Kwik Fill! Huzzah!

I'm up to a whopping $7.75/hr! :-

Actually, I still love working there and I still don't have much need for money so it's all good for me!

If you had a baby and the IRS gave you an extra couple of thousand dollars for the tike, would you:

A) Use the money to buy your baby necessities which normally you couldn't afford?


B) Blow it all on guitars, video games, and tv's?

That last post was about how some worthless people PISS ME THE FUCK OFF!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fuckin' IRS! GRR!

That's SO fucked up!

Summary of IRS to taxpayers:

"Congradu-fuckin'-lations! If you are a whore or slut or complete asshole, we will be sending you a check weighted on how much of a piece of shit you are! So, you moved out of your parents house, got married, and knocked up at only 17 y/o?! Well you're in luck, because we want to pay you for being a worthless pile of dog shit!

As for all you so-called 'people with morals and standards', (whatever that means!) this should be a good reminder to you to get hitched and knocked up NOW!! We enjoy you mooching off of government cheese!

Better luck next year! *wink*"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Black Panthers?

Taking Goshin Jutsu Karate is my new life :)

And it's a pretty good one!

-and I guess that Naya chick is pretty okay too. :p