Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So today I decided to start running and walking around barefoot. I'm trying to develop calluses on my feet for karate. Hopefully soon I can find a really nice, big, smooth stone to start doing the same for my hands.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Something I want to remember.


Aware (know what's going on around you [Do they have weapons? How many are there? What are their intentions? What do you really know of the situation?]).

Avoid (If you can avoid the situation, then use your brain and GTFO).

Act (With no other option, take action. Be quick and precise and use only what's necessary to stop the attack).

Away (Again... GTFO! After you've removed yourself from the situation, immediately go report it to the authorities and say you don't know if you want to press charges yet [you tend not to think clearly hyped on adrenaline]).

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Almost there.

Sterling and I hung out again last night and it was totally kick-ass! We did co-op Army of Two: The 40th Day and we cranked the volume and communicated a lot like "I'm gonna flank right. I have three contacts in my sights. I'm going to run in to the tower and snipe the one on the upper deck. I need you to provide covering fire as I run in. You ready? Okay. Go go go!" Man it was killer fun.

We also talked a lot more about life and the things that are going on in each other's lives and there was definitely some illuminating conversation that went on and it's really good to get someone else's perspective on the things that are happening and it's good to know what's going on in my friend's life as well. I hope that life works out for the best for the both of us.

Sterling also said that he'd take me to pick up Leon on Tuesday, so that's great that we finally have a game plan and Leon and Sterling can meet. I hope that Sterling likes her and doesn't think she's ugly or stupid or boring or anything.

I guess time will tell. It's crazy for me to think that if everything goes according to plan, she'll be getting on a bus tomorrow night to come live with me. It's just mind-boggling and I'm so super excited about it all.

I also hope I can get the support of my friends and family instead of the dirty looks and stupid, ignorant remarks about the life choices I make. I know I've done stupid shit in the past and I've made mistakes just like everyone does but that doesn't mean you should make me feel like a complete idiot and less of a person. I've taken a lot of time to reflect on the choices I've made and what's happened in my life and I've learned from them and I haven't found myself in any kind of cycle, repeating what I've done before, so in that light, I think I'm doing a fantastic job at this whole "life" thing.

Leon and I will be happy because I know that I'll do absolutely everything in my power to make us work. If things fail, at least I'll have no regrets. But I want to be stubborn and say that things won't fail. I'll bend and give and do everything I have to in order to make her comfortable and happy so that we can be happy together.

It's so close now... I'm so damn excited!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

So after work today I went to Rite Aid and I bought a package of 3 condoms with spermicidal lubricant (all I could afford) and there was this insanely hot check out girl there and I was trying to be all suave like "yeah, that's right I get mine. I'm a hot commodity and you know you want some of this *wink*". Haha. She was super sweet and she smiled at me and giggled softly. It was adorable and I'm glad I went with the confidence approach instead of acting embarrassed that I was purchasing condoms. Just struck me as noteworthy. I'd totally bang that chick. Omg.

Friday, June 04, 2010

So I Western Unioned Leon $150.00 today and she should be able to pick it up tomorrow and hopefully everything will go well with getting the necessary bus ticket and then I won't have to worry as much anymore. I can't believe it's only a few more days until she gets on the bus to come live here. It's all so crazy and I couldn't be much happier. I love the direction my life is heading in. I sincerely hope that I've learned enough from past relationships and can make this one work to the best of my ability. I care about Leon a lot and I want her to be happy and I want to do everything I can to make sure she is happy and comfortable being here and that she can finally begin to discover herself and become more of an individual and out of the narrow world she's lived in for so long.

I'll do everything I can to support her and make sure we can have a happy life together.

Here's for hoping!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, it seems that somehow my blog got caught up in the webz and that it was premiered or something because a bunch of tard bucket pieces of shit started leaving comments.

I have therefore enabled comment moderation, so hopefully I won't get a bunch of random ones. I tried deleting the ones I found but unfortunately I don't know enough about this site to figure out how to get rid of them completely, etc.

Of course all of the comments were pretty much on my religious posts. Why are people so fucking stupid? Instead of bombing someone and laughing because you're butthurt and posting a bunch of senseless shit, you try asking questions instead. Stop assuming you know the complete story based on a few paragraphs of text. It's funny how only the religious-minded are the ones dumb enough to not ask questions and instead decide to impose their idiocy on everyone else.

Great job making yourselves look more retarded than you already are.

Yes, I hate religion and I hate it openly and passionately and I will continue to compare it to the worst crimes imaginable because it's an enabler to these horrendous crimes if not a direct causation.

If you're not personally out there molesting and raping and murdering, etc. then you're still allowing it to happen by simply being religious-minded or allowing the practice of religious tolerance. You're an enabler of these tragedies. You're a moderate and a worthless piece of shit.

So kindly I say to you, the religious world out there:

Fuck you.