Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, it seems that somehow my blog got caught up in the webz and that it was premiered or something because a bunch of tard bucket pieces of shit started leaving comments.

I have therefore enabled comment moderation, so hopefully I won't get a bunch of random ones. I tried deleting the ones I found but unfortunately I don't know enough about this site to figure out how to get rid of them completely, etc.

Of course all of the comments were pretty much on my religious posts. Why are people so fucking stupid? Instead of bombing someone and laughing because you're butthurt and posting a bunch of senseless shit, you try asking questions instead. Stop assuming you know the complete story based on a few paragraphs of text. It's funny how only the religious-minded are the ones dumb enough to not ask questions and instead decide to impose their idiocy on everyone else.

Great job making yourselves look more retarded than you already are.

Yes, I hate religion and I hate it openly and passionately and I will continue to compare it to the worst crimes imaginable because it's an enabler to these horrendous crimes if not a direct causation.

If you're not personally out there molesting and raping and murdering, etc. then you're still allowing it to happen by simply being religious-minded or allowing the practice of religious tolerance. You're an enabler of these tragedies. You're a moderate and a worthless piece of shit.

So kindly I say to you, the religious world out there:

Fuck you.