Thursday, June 25, 2009


Recently I had to make a decision I never thought I could actually bring myself to do. I've been talking with this amazing girl who would've been absolutely "perfect" for me in every regard and things were going really well.

That is until we got on the subject of religion. She wasn't by any means a religious person, she was much more spiritual and it was much more of a personal connection. The problem though, is that I have a complete and utter intolerance for religion in any form; I want that plague to be completely eradicated from this world. I have absolutely no symathy or respect for people's religious freedom.

I compare religion to the worst crime I can imagine; child molestation. Religion is the mental and sometimes physical arrest of freedom. Religious moderation (as some would like to believe) is not some kind of middle stance. It's not okay to be accepting of child molestors in any form. They should be tortured and murdered and get everything they deserve.

At first this choice was insanely difficult because I really do like this girl (still do) but I can NOT ever accept the encyclopedic ignorance of all advancements of mankind and the molestation of innocent children just because you're scared of dying.

I know I made the right choice and I feel stronger than ever in my convictions. It's also shown me a little more about what I do and do not want in a life partner. I'm learning a lot and I'm happy I was able to do the right thing in the end.