Sunday, July 26, 2009

Post marker

Sigh. I wish I updated this more. I just never know what to talk about. I'm currently waiting to start a job at McDonald's and I'm hoping to work towards getting my own place soon.

Also, I've been continuing my search for love and happiness. I've met some great people so far and I just hope I can find "the one" that I can share my life with.

I really enjoy it here in Maryland and I'd like to stay here and stop moving around so much and finally settle down.

I suppose I'll use this post as a marker to see how long it takes me to accomplish these goals. It's not really a question of "if" just "when". I've been in worse ruts than this before and I know I'll pull myself out of it and be even stronger for it.

Also I hope to be able to get into a good dojo here soon. I desperately miss martial arts and I'm anxious to get back into it.