Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A sad day for Coudersport. Death of Super Kwik Fill Man!

I got fired from the K-Fizzle for selling cigarettes to a poser (someone who looked like they were underage).

I have no idea what I'm going to do now. I'll probably end up being a nurse or janitor.

I'll probably end up cleaning people's shit either way.

I have a dream but I was born into the wrong family so apparently I'm not good enough to aquire what I want.

I hate right now.

I'm just not sure who I hate most.

Is it the teen smokers out there?

Is it the anal mothers who bitch and moan and make these stupid laws take place?

Is it the company?

Is it myself?


I really did enjoy my job. It makes me quite depressed.

Now I have to look for a job I know I'll either not get or REALLY hate doing.

I realize I couldn't possibly work at Kwik Fill forever, but I did want it to last longer than this. I feel like such a failure to myself, to my coworkers (who I completely screwed over now), to my family, and mostly to Naya.


Fare thee well SKFM, you were a hero in someones eyes :p


Solomon's words for the wise said...

Dear Brian,
Super Kwik Fill Man was awesome, but stop and think for a minute. Do you really want to make a career of this? From one who has been shot down many times in life, I would offer this advice: Get over it! Something a whole lot better will come your way. They can't take away the experience you gained from that job. You are capable of much better things. Don't despair. Get ready for the next exciting challenge in your life....Jim

Kamui said...

Uhh, who are you?

Don't talk about what you don't know, especially when you don't specify who the hell you are!

Creep! :p

Solomon's words for the wise said...

Is that any way to treat one of your former customers?

Kamui said...

It's the way I treat people who post random spewings on my blog when they don't even have any background and they're making baseless statements about me.

I'm not despairing and there is nothing to "get over", and if you would have read my post and had a little knowledge about what you were referencing to, you would have known that I don't mind that I lost my job at Kwik Fill. As I said, I just wish it could have lasted longer because I enjoyed it and I enjoyed some of the people I worked with and some of my customers. I'm not worried about what "will come my way". I'm quite satisfied with my life and unlike most people I don't rely on money to bring me happiness.

I will find my happiness wherever I am, because I will always be there.

I just can't imagine jumping on here and thanking you for such an uplifting comment when it has no base in my reality.

You assumed too much. I don't need to "stop and think for a minute". I know what I want out of my time and of my life. I work every day to acheive these ends. I am utterly satisfied with me and my life. If there is something wrong with it, that just means there is something wrong with me, so I just change and adapt as necessary.


Or, if you would prefer, I could just lie to you and say:

"Thanks so much for the uplifting words. You're absolutely right, I need to dig myself out of this rut and move on; not let myself get down about it. I think I just needed to hear it from someone else, and my prayers were answered when you wrote that comment. I appreciate people like you who care, it restores my faith in humanity! Thanks again!"


But I beleive that you are more intelligent than that. I don't need to lie to you. I have nothing against you, and I'm sorry to say, but looking at your picture I vaguely remember you. :( I'm not too sure who you are; sorry.

So when I speak with another I try to assume they can use common sense. Again, I trust you're more intelligent than that, so I try to just be honest and speak frankly.

But if you can't cope with people speaking in such a manner I suppose I can "dumb it up" :p


When I use ":p" it is the emoticon for a tongue sticking out, if you didn't know. I don't take too much too seriously, and I enjoy living too much to worry. So I'm not attacking you, I'm just being the honest me.

Also, I do appreciate people talking to me and I wouldn't mind continuing exchanges with you. Heck, I have a lot of free time now :p

Just don't expect me to say what you think you should hear.