Sunday, October 18, 2009

Please let this be the new beginning I've been begging for.

It's an endless cycle with me. I breath in. Loved. I contemplate. Mistrust. I breath out. The end of everything I love and hold dear.

I'm incapable of being happy with another human being because I am incapable of expression of self. I can't ever describe who I am or what I think and I rip up the ground that has been built up.

I want more than anything to end this vicious cycle of mistrust and idiocy. I want to trust and to stop being so insecure. I need to realize that I AM loved and that someone DOES care about me and I need to trust them and how they feel and just love them back with all I am capable of doing.

Please... make it through all this bullshit with me. Be there for me. If we can overcome this crap; we'll be unstoppable.

I love you Holly.

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