Monday, October 02, 2006

***October 2, 2006: Free shipping for advance orders begins. The X-Meridian ship date is early October, making this an extremely limited-time offer. Order the X-Meridian 7.1, the ultimate soundcard for audiophiles in advance of official product release and pay no shipping! Free shipping applies to Continental US, Canada and Europe orders from the website only.***

-It's FINALLY coming!!! YAY!!! YIPPIE-SKIPPY!!! HORRAY!!! :p :p :p

-I think I just blew my anus out!!!! :) :) :)


christa said...
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christa said...

Don't know if you're familiar with myspace or not, but they have these things called bulletins, which you post and all your friends can choose to read or not read. You're sister posted this one:
The link over your name goes to your blogger profile picture.

P.S. Nice to have someone who cares so much, eh? ;)

Kamui said...

I don't have access to Angie's blog; it's set to private. Yes, she sure is a sweetie, eh? ;)

I just went through my old posts here, and it seems she's been doing a LOT of praying for me!

Now I feel so special :p Thnx!

-and thanks for the link, Xa :)

Pirate Shelba said...

OMG I can't believe she posted that. :-O I love you bubby.

Angie said...

Hmm... do I sense SARCASM from you guys? Lemme' think. ;-) Yeah. Anyway, as Christa mentioned, I DO care. I care a whole lot, or I wouldn't have bothered posting these bulletins and comments, Brian. The thing is, for the MOST part, I have amazing friends who love God and love to pray for people who need it. I've already received several messages in my inbox from friends who've promised to take the time to pray. God is good and He is so faithful. I love you!!!