Friday, February 15, 2008

Still goin' okies for meh!

I just got me a $0.25/hr raise at the Kwik Fill! Huzzah!

I'm up to a whopping $7.75/hr! :-

Actually, I still love working there and I still don't have much need for money so it's all good for me!

If you had a baby and the IRS gave you an extra couple of thousand dollars for the tike, would you:

A) Use the money to buy your baby necessities which normally you couldn't afford?


B) Blow it all on guitars, video games, and tv's?

That last post was about how some worthless people PISS ME THE FUCK OFF!!

1 comment:

Naya said...

I would buy video games for my babies to play when they get older.
Some fucking people.. Maybe someone should tell this person what to do because he is obviously too stupid to figure it out.
It's times like these I wish jesus was real, he'd tell him real good.