Saturday, November 01, 2008

Hope you like to read! :P

I am now a resident of Marietta, Georgia! :D

I'm utterly and completely drained of words to describe my happiness.

I fucking did it! I moved and I didn't falter or fail myself! I'm so fucking proud of me. I am my own hero! <3

Everything went SOOO well. I almost am starting to believe this was meant to be! The trip to the airport was fun because I got to travel with Kim and Matt, and they we're a lot of fun to hang out with and I can't thank them enough for helping me! With Kim and Matt's help, I was able to find my way around the airport and they got me all the way up to the security checkpoint where they then had to leave. After security, (which I had no problems with) I went ALLLL the way to the end of the airport to the 2nd to last gate and waited to board the plane.

I was so excited and nervous that the hours just seemed to fly right by. I was like a kid; looking around at all the exciting things and big airplanes and cool stuff. It was so fun. Then I got on the airplane with an aisle seat right next to the left wing. The inside of the plane (Delta airlines) was a lot shittier than I had expected. The seats looked awful (they were still comfy though), the aisles were tiny and I just had a grander vision of airplanes in my mind. A perfect description of the inside of the plane was that it was just like the inside of a greyhound bus! I don't know if that's normal, but I thought that was terrible :P

Still, the plane ride was a tremendous amount of fun! I LOVED the lift off and the decent parts! <3

I didn't have to sit next to disgusting people either! They were just some quite old couple, so it was nice. I got a free coca-cola (sorry, Sterling :P) to drink and I would not mind flying in a plane again!

I arrived at the Atlanta airport and this place was GIGANTIC! I mean epic! I didn't know where I was supposed to go, so I just followed the signs to get to the baggage place. That went fine (it was just a REALLY long walk to get there) then at the end, you could see people waiting for family and the signs overhead said "Baggage South" and "Baggage North". At this point my head just went "SHIT!" :P

I decided to try the south baggage because the sign was red and I thought it looked cooler :P

There were two huge carousals there and I looked for my bag on the first one and didn't see it. Then I looked on the other one and there it was! YAY! So, I really lucked out there :P

I grab my bag off the carousal and then I hear someone behind me and I turn around and DIED!!! <3 <3 <3 My mind and body went to complete shit and I was mesmerized. <3

Evienne said she saw my bag because she figured the duffel bag with the big stupid yin-yang on it must've been mine :P

I froze when I saw here and I wanted to say "hi" or "hello" or anything, but my mind was useless for those couple of seconds! <3

I finally was able to say "Hi, Evienne!" LOL, at least that's what I think I said :P I was so far gone mentally after seeing her, that I don't remember what I said :P

The point is, I said SOMETHING :P and then I gave her a nice big hug! <3


I really don't know what to say about her to describe how I felt when I saw her and when I see her now. She is perfection to me. So much more than I even had hoped for. She is PERFECT!! <3

Well after that we got in her AWESOME car <3 and she drove me around Atlanta to my house. We first stopped off at Publix so I could get some money from the ATM and do a little shopping for stuff for the house. That was a LOT of fun. I loved walking around with her, I didn't even notice the other people in the store, I was so infatuated with Evienne that I probably looked stupid to the other shoppers, just gaping at her and looking spellbound :P

We arrived at the apartment at just about 2:00PM and the landlord wasn't there and the door was locked. So I went to the lessies upstairs and asked for his phone number. They are so super friendly and they called him and let me talk to him on their phone. About 20 minutes later his wife arrived and talked a bit then had me sign the lease and I gave her $260 for rent, which will cover me for 2 weeks here. I should hopefully be getting a little more money soon and I can give that to rent as well.

I love my new apartment! <3 It's perfect for me. It's small but it's not dirty or disgusting, it just needs light cleaning and it will be perfect. The rent is $500 a month with ALL utilities included, and for this area, that's phenomenal! Every thing that happens keeps pointing towards telling me that I've finally done something right in my life. I am so damn happy!

I got an airbed that's really comfy and nice from Evienne. She also brought me food and a Fuze drink (her favorite).

Today, I was expecting to be lonely, bored, and not have enough money to pay the internet and phone bills. I thought this would've been a terrible day. But I got a shower, and got cleaned up. I then went for a walk to look around for potential jobs and maybe some shops I'd be interested in. On my walk Evienne spotted me and pulled over and picked me up! That just made my day and my life! That was the best surprise ever! She said she was coming over to surprise visit me <3

She took me back to my place and then opened the car trunk and pulled out a brand new 17" Widescreen monitor!!! :O :O :O

She took me completely by surprise with that! She purchased it with her own money to give to me! <3 I swear she's the best thing to ever happen to me! <3

We then went inside and got the computer all set up and I gave her my goodest hugs and thanked her <3

Then we we're both just standing around not knowing what to do and I finally worked up enough courage to ask her if she wants to cuddle! <3

She said "Yes!" <3 <3 <3

So that's what we did on the airbed :P It was great and she is SOOO amazingly beautiful. I was terrible :P I was so nervous and school-girl like. I couldn't look her in the eyes without wanting to scream and I just completely melted. I'm not going to go into more details :P but I will say she's a GREAT kisser! <3 <3 <3

She then had to leave, so I kissed her goodbye :P

Then when I was going to try to call Kim again to get some money, the Charter cable guy's van was outside. I was like "shit! shit! SHIT!" :P I only had $95 on me and the total (service plus connection fees) was $109.99.

The cable guy was super nice and said he would just add the remainder of what I owe to my first billing!

So, yeah, my day just got a WHOLE lot better than I thought it would've! <3

I (obviously) now have internet and phone service! So now you can call me! 1-678-239-4248

I don't know what else to talk about and I'm sure this post has gotten long enough :P

Just know that I have found my nirvana. I've found the pinnacle of my happiness and I continue to exceed it every minute I am here.

This is my dream.

This is perfection!


Dark Colossis said...

Sounds like a faire tale dude. well at least someone in the world is happy. oh and by the way..... if i catch you drinking that red shit ass shit again, you'll be hearing from me.

GieGie said...

So, how is everything going so far?

GieGie said...

Oops! Looks like I just inadvertently "flagged" your blog. I promise I didn't mean to, and I hope nothing negative happens, as a result! Sorry!


The Aire Tam Man said...

I must say that does sound like a fairy tale... I wish she had treated me half as good when we started dating in February or at least would have broken up with me before seeing you instead of leaving me to pine for her everyday she wasn't there WHILE seeing you... These have been the worst past days of my recent memory. Did she even mention me as an ex or ANYTHING? *sigh* it's a pure fluke i stumbled on your blog here. but i am trying to wrap my head around this whole thing...