Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, I guess this is about it folks. Here I go!

I'm very excited about this. I'm also kinda scared and very nervous. I just want things to go well for me for once in my life.

I'll be going to work at around 4:00PM today and then after work, I'll be going straight to Kim's house to sleep for a couple hours, then we'll be leaving at 4:00AM Friday morning. She's going to drive me to the Buffalo airport where I'll have to wait until about 10:30ish when my plane departs. I'll be going straight to Atlanta, Georgia where I'll meet Evienne. I'm so nervous about meeting her. I really hope she likes me. I hope we can be happy together.

After that, she'll be driving me to the apartment where I'll be living and we'll go from there I guess.

I simply can't get over how surreal this all feels to me. It just has to be some kind of dream, how did I do this? How did I get to this point of complete freedom? I feel so empowered and confident in myself. I amaze me!

I can now tell my children to follow their dreams, and my life will stand testament that it can be done and that there is no reason you should have to settle for what you've been given. I'm so proud of myself and what I'm doing.

Thank you to everyone who's ever helped me in any way. To everyone who's been there for me when I needed help, or supported me when I felt defeated in life; Thank You!

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BodaciousE said...

Well, I don't know if anyone really reads this but Brian made it to Georgia safe and sound :P

I picked him up and got him food and a bed. He just has no phone or internet, or a monitor. But he should have something by tomorrow if anyone is concerned :P