Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I feel so sick :(

I just want to be there so badly. This is really killing me. I'm losing focus and having trouble thinking straight at work. Evienne is on my mind constantly. I've never cared for anyone like I do her.

I want this torment to end. I want to be near her so intensely :(

Please, I'm begging; if there is ANYthing you could do to help me be with her, PLEASE help! I have fallen for her so hard. I don't know if we'll "work out" or not, but I do know I want to try. I want to know I did everything I could to be with her. If nothing happens, at least I'll be in a state and setting I can enjoy moreso than being here.

I am putting a lot of hope into this, but I won't let myself get hurt. I'll be happy no matter what.

I just wish with all my heart that I can share a life with Evienne. I hope she feels the same towards me.

I can't take this much longer, it hurts...


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