Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Holloween!

I sold my TV today and made $300 out of the deal. I then put all my money on my card and went home and purchased an airplane ticket for October 31st at 10:52AM out of Buffalo, NY. I'll arrive in Atlanta, Georgia at 12:36PM, where I'll meet Evienne and begin the life I've been waiting for!

Tomorrow morning I hope to go to Olean to sell my movies and games at EBgames, I just have to find someone to loan me a car. Whatever I make out of that I'll add to my card as well. Then hopefully tomorrow night I'll know if the girl from work wants to buy my Xbox 360 and stuff for another $300. Add in my leftover paychecks I'll receive from work, and also me selling my speakers for at least $250, and I think I'll be all set! If all goes very well the way I'm hoping it will, I could have close to $1500! I'm certain that if I had that much, I could definitely make life work down there!

I figure I just need enough money to afford a place to stay for a month. In that time I could find a job or two and work long enough to receive paycheck enough to pay for the following month's rent. After that, I'd be all set and I could then feel secure enough about living there. Then I can start worrying about things like what furniture to buy, where to take Evienne on dates to, and things of that nature.

That's my goal in life right now; to be able to worry about things like that. To have my biggest problem be "loveseat or couch", not "will I survive another day?".

So as of this moment, I'm happier than I've ever been in my entire life. I finally have something to look forward to. I finally found someone who I truly look forward to hearing from each and every day. Evienne means so much to me and I've been a complete failure at expressing that clearly enough to her. I mean, I know she realizes I like her and I care for her, but I feel she doesn't understand how important she is to me, how happy she makes me, and how deep my feelings run for her.

Evienne is most certainly the woman with whom I could envision spending the rest of my life with. I would look forward to waking up each and every day next to her. She is a beautiful, intelligent, funny, talented individual and I can't believe I've met someone as wonderful as her. She's absolutely worth pursuing and that's what I intend on doing. I just hope I can make her even a fraction as happy as she makes me.

This woman means everything to me!


Samantha Lucas said...

HOORRAAY FOR BUBBY!!! I am so proud of you bubby you are going to do great!! <3 Love the place too!! BEAUTIFUL!!

Samantha Lucas said...

BUBBY check your myspace messages. I know you don't go on too often but I sent you a lovely message. <3

sissy 3