Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Message to Sam and Angie (and whoever else may care)

Hey Sam sorry I missed talking to you. I've just been infatuated with the new girl. I've been ignoring all the other people in my life. I don't feel bad about it though because anyone else in the world would do the same if they thought they were in love and as crazy as me :P So, just don't think it's against anyone in paticular, I'm just living in my dream world.

Angie, I'm moving to Marietta, Georgia. It's about 30 minutes away from Atlanta. I don't know the exact location yet :P

I found a couple people at work to buy some of my stuff and if it all goes through, I should have about $800 from it!

I'm going to wait as long as I can stand it (which at this rate, won't be long) and then I'm going to gather all my money and a duffel bag of clothes and stuff and hop a plane to Georgia.

I decided that I really want to be in Georgia even if it doesn't work out with her. I think it's a great place because it won't get TOO hot, it won't get TOO cold, it's not in the middle of the city, and it's not out in the middle of nowhere. Shopping and malls and stuff are just a jaunt away.

I think I'm going to be really happy! I can't wait to start over. I also have to keep in mind that just because I'm moving doesn't mean that I can't still talk to everyone that I care for. I'm sure I can find time to visit once and a while too.


Kamui said...

I suppose I should mention; her name is Evienne Elise Ellickson.

Her first name is pronounced "Ev" (like in "ever") "eeee" "in" (like in the word "in" :P)

She said that and I said "Holy crap, can I buy a vowel!" :P

She said she never heard that one before and that made me feel special :P

She's wonderful and she makes me happy.

Samantha Lucas said...

Hey Bubby I wish you were online, I really wanted to talk to you. Anyways it is 1:46 am and I just thought you would be on. Well love you Bubby. <3